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The Fabric Of An Inflatable Tent
- Aug 16, 2017 -

What kind of cloth is used for inflatable tents? What kind of tent cloth? At present, the use of more tent fabrics are: Rigburg, oxford cloth, nylon, washing cloth.

General leisure words, nylon and washing use the most, is also relatively good, Rigg, Oxford is generally used for professional outdoor sports, suitable for Alpine, Highland, Snow Mountain environment, such as the extreme environment of professional tents. While nylon and washing cloth are used more with general inflatable tents. Judge Standard: The bigger the density is, the better the waterproof degree is.

1, anti-splashing is only the appearance of the AC or PU. Generally only for children or games inflatable ledger

2. Waterproof 300MM is generally used for beach ledger/Sun visor or for dry and rainy cotton books.

3, waterproof 800mm-1200mm used for the general simple camping class inflatable tent

4, waterproof 1500mm-2000mm for the comparison of mid-range inflatable tent, need to travel for several days.

5, waterproof 3000MM above general is a professional military inflatable tents, to take high temperature/cold resistance and other technical treatment. Exterior tent Cloth's rain-proof performance, this indicator still is according to each square centimeter to withstand how many mm water column calculates. The General professional Tent Rain Prevention index is above 1500mm, can prevent the heavy rain, but individual professional Alpine account can reach the 3000-4000mm, can prevent continuous rainstorm.

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