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The Difference Between Inflatable Tent And Ordinary Tent
- Aug 16, 2017 -


Metal stent Tents because of the use of iron pipe as a stent, so its weight is relatively large, which is inevitable for transport and movement caused trouble. In particular, the larger the size of the tent, the more the use of stents, and as the tent area increased, load-bearing demand is greater, which caused the increase in the weight of the stent, the corresponding will also use the wall thicker iron pipe, the weight of the tent is larger.

and inflatable tents, for inflatable keel, can be folded, and iron pipe bracket structure of the ordinary metal tent to compare, the weight is obviously lighter, this is also relatively easy to transport.

II. Volume

In the same tent volume, the metal bracket structure of the tent, because of the existence of iron pipe stent, can not be free to pack; the length of the iron pipe bracket is also longer, resulting in a smaller number of vehicles will not be put in, so in its transport, we must adopt a relatively large vehicle.

Inflatable tent, because it is a soft body, inflatable keel, and the gas column can be folded at will after the release of gas; This design allows the tent to be used, it can be freely folded, only small volume, can be easily placed in small domestic vehicles and ordinary vehicles. Convenient transportation.

III. Erection and Demolition

Metal stent Tents need many people to set up, long time, and the larger the tent, the more people need, the longer it takes.

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