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Introduction To Inflatable Tent
- Aug 16, 2017 -

Inflatable tent is a kind of tent, using the principle of structural mechanics to design the frame, using gas pressure characteristics of the airbag expansion to form a rigid column, through the organic combination of the skeleton of the tent. Inflatable tents are also called closed tents, inflatable once, can be used.

Inflatable tent belongs to the tent. The design framework of the principle of structural mechanics, using the gas pressure characteristics of the balloon expansion to form a certain rigid column, through the organic combination of the tent to prop up the skeleton. With the use of the strength of the skeleton material, you can set the load-bearing size of the tent, using the performance of the polymer coating, determine the frame of life and frame rigidity of the maintenance, and the rationality of the gas chamber set up, it determines the limit of the frame. Mainly used for moistureproof, waterproof, wind-resistant, dustproof, sunscreen, disaster relief, short-term training in the field, short-term combat in the field.

Fabric Material: Oxford cloth, PVC coated cloth

Inflatable column Material: PVC Coated Polyester woven Fabric

Adaptation temperature: -40°-+65°

Wind resistant frame: level 6-8

Hydrostatic pressure: Hydrostatic pressure ≥16kpa

Anti-surface water: 160-200mm

Filling time: 2-10min (varies with tent size)

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