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Inflatable Tent Features
- Aug 16, 2017 -


The use of adhesive bonding and high-frequency heat combination of the process of production, the use of PVC double-sided coating cloth, tarpaulin waterproof, anti-ultraviolet materials, with rapid prototyping, high strength, fire, mildew, anti-ultraviolet, moisture and other advantages. Tents for inflatable tents, the tent frame for the column structure, compared with the general metal bracket tent, with body light, folding volume small, easy to carry and so on.


Relatively speaking, inflatable tent erection is very convenient, just need to tile tents in the open space, connected to the pedal pump or electric pump, only two people, in a few minutes can be set up.


The same is true for demolition, where the number of metal stents needed for demolition and packaging is much longer and time-consuming. and inflatable tent in demolition only need to let its natural gas, or electric blow suction fan can be pumped.


Therefore, compared to the ordinary metal bracket tent, inflatable tent has its incomparable advantage, its light weight, small size, in transport with ordinary metal bracket tent has no advantage. and its erection and demolition are very simple, will not waste more manpower and time, especially for the rapid response in emergency cases used. Inflatable tents can also be dropped when the environment is too bad to reach.

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