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Inflatable Tent Classification And Performance
- Aug 16, 2017 -

Inflatable tents are mainly divided into: frame-type inflatable tent, the whole inflatable tent, military inflatable tents.

Frame Type Inflatable Tent

The frame type inflatable tent adopts the air column frame form, the airbag uses the PVC coating cloth high frequency heat to become, the electric pump or the foot pump inflate can quickly shape.

Integral Inflatable Tent

Integral inflatable tent side wall and canopy cover for the arch body, the two ends of the sandwich on the need to open doors and windows, the formation of a whole inflatable insulation and soundproof special tents; With a large rigidity, strong stability, sound insulation, insulation, molding and fast recovery and other characteristics.

Military Inflatable Tent

Building demolition is relatively simple and quick, you can install or disassemble in a short time to save your valuable time; better insulation, inflatable tents using high-quality PVC waterproof canvas, tear-resistant, better tensile strength, anti-aging, better, long service life. It is safe to use under the action of deadweight and 8 wind load, and the continuous service life is more than 5 years.

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