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An Inflatable House To Replace A Tent, Unheard Of.
- Aug 16, 2017 -

Jack Crawford and Brightman, a two-man engineer in London, recently invented a "pocket house". This pile of concrete-filled structures, inflated by water for 12 hours, will swell into a simple house, which is good news for millions of camps, war zones and natural disaster attacks today. These low-cost, easy to transport and strong bags in the housing market, it is likely to replace the mainstream tents, mobile housing and other temporary buildings.

Complementary concrete Pockets

There are about 35 million refugees in the world. Disasters and wars destroy people's living environment or drive them away from their homes. Almost every day there are different rescue agencies and troops in different areas of the establishment of temporary clinics, homes and so on. At this point, the first job the rescuers have to do is to build temporary shelters for the victims, usually with inflatable tents, because it is convenient and inexpensive. But basically every person who used a tent knows that camping is a good time to use, and that the flimsy housing of the tent is not enough to form a "living" environment when it truly serves the refugees, and that the mobile House that provides enough protection is too expensive and difficult to build.

What refugees really need is a more durable, sturdy living space, even for the time being, relative to the tent. But in the vagrant life, the living tool is like a tent easy to dismantle and easy to install, this is not an easy thing to do, but in London two masters in reading engineers invented the water inflatable simple housing to solve this problem.

Two of engineers named their inventions "concrete pockets", the raw material is simple, consisting only of water, air and this pocket. The operation process is also very simple, as long as the canvas pocket to add water, 15 minutes later, cement will become hydrates, combined with the air pocket expansion, 12 hours after the automatic expansion into a simple house, people can stay. The 230-kilogram pocket can form an area of 16 square metres of simple, which resembles the simple hut of Nathan, which was invented and widely used during World War II. Crawford and Brightman think the role of concrete pockets is similar to that of Nathan, who needs to quickly build temporary housing, both as a refugee and as an army.

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