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The main factors to be considered in inflatable tents
- Aug 16, 2017 -

Inflatable tents are generally we need to use to buy, when we buy the time we should pay attention to something?

1, the use of tents environment: affect the choice of the tent you will choose the function and height.

2, use the number of tents: affect the size of the tent you will buy.

3, the weight of the tent itself: affect the weight of the staff, depending on the convenience of the tent carried, will also affect the speed of action.

According to the needs of users to provide a variety of inflatable frame structure tent to meet your different numbers, different sizes of field operations and outdoor activities.

Command and special shaped tents can be designed according to your needs, to meet your various use requirements. Fully inflatable tents in the warmth of the performance of far more than other types of tents, very suitable for low temperature environment.

Large hall tents and storage tents can be applied to a variety of large-scale activities, forming and demolition are very easy, and do not occupy land resources, both environmental protection and convenience.

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