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Proper use of sleeping bags in inflatable tents
- Aug 16, 2017 -

In winter camping camping, sleeping bags are indispensable to keep warm, so how to use the sleeping bag correctly.

Maybe it's the easiest thing to put on a sleeping bag, open a sleeping bag or go directly into it, in fact, this is wearing a sleeping bag misunderstanding, wearing a sleeping bag is also a skill, the sleeping bag to wear the correct to achieve the true function of sleeping bags, most of the case is the improper use of equipment, will lead to sleeping bags are not warm, of course, there are physical problems. So today we are going to explore how to put the sleeping bags right.

Outdoor activities often can see a lot of friends to buy a suitable temperature scale of sleep on the line, in fact, outdoor equipment are supporting the use of, and computer DIY, matching the reasonable ability to achieve the best results, can be seen in real life often in the case of low temperature someone with a three-quarter tent with down sleeping bag with egg trough moisture cushion, unsuitable equipment used in the unsuitable season of course cold.

Outdoor Camping Bag Wear method Note:

1, the most common is the improper use of sleeping bags, the temperature is below 0 degrees of the sleeping bag will have a chest wall, in order to tighten the head and then tighten the chest, so that the double heat preservation, but often see some friends with sleeping bags zipper don't pull, the line also can not get to live, sleep until after midnight to be not cold?! Again, the sleeping bag back home is not always in the compressed bag, should be opened to maintain its thickness, so as to better maintain its performance, each time it is best to bask in a day or two;

2, Moistureproof mat There are many kinds of, with the above said down sleeping bag with egg trough moisture cushion For example, alone, down sleeping bag breathable very good, and egg trough moisture cushion design idea is to increase the body and the air thickness of the ground, and the air is a bad conductor of heat ... The result is a good match? The sleeping bag through the water vapor quickly into the waters, and the egg trough moisture cushion due to material reasons, water absorption is better, so the more sleep colder.

3, the tent is divided into three seasons, four seasons; three seasons from the internal account can be seen in fact is a mosquito net, ventilated ventilation, low temperature conditions of the insulation effect can be imagined ... And the Four Seasons? Christmas Mountain Peak Camping-15-degree light snow environment in the use of learned that next to the Air Force Guest House, the friend's room was two-storey glass, and after a night they were 1.5L farmer Spring was frozen, and we were in the tent of 1.5L Farmer Spring one point ice also did not knot.

4, when camping outdoors, the body cold will start from the foot, therefore can use own grasping sweater or down jacket, pulls on the zipper after the foot from the clothing waist to the head extends, then enters the sleeping bag, may guarantee lets your feet warm, sleeps to the dawn, may even have the heat to wake up often! Find an aluminum kettle, outside with an elastic kettle set, to sleep before burning a pot of boiling water poured into the sleeping bag before bedtime, hehe, the next morning there is warm water to drink! Take off the unnecessary clothes, circle growth stick shape, put on the body side, increase the thickness between sleeping bags and tents, can reduce the speed of temperature loss. Find a warm hat, preferably a fleece, and bring it to make your head hot all night, not cold.

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