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Notable advantages of military inflatable tents
- Aug 16, 2017 -

Technical performance of military inflatable tent:

1. Easy to carry

2, the use of the environment: Wind 8 levels below, temperature -20℃~+50℃

3, inflatable molding time 3~5min, recovery inspiratory time 5~8min

4, rain prevention: hydrostatic pressure ≥50kpa

5, does not leak the rain, the doorway cloth mentions the surface to prevent surface water 100~200mm

6, with heater generator, air-conditioning interface

7. Configure 220V16A power supply

8, cylinder pressure 300kg socket connector path 1/4

9, tarpaulin flame-retardant ≤15

10, inflatable pressure 20kpa

The notable advantages of military inflatable tents are: damp-proof, mosquito-proof, anti-IR, flame retardant, etc. The tent but in the shape of the column design, the use of International popular form (Division I has a top international designers, has up to more than 10 years of work experience, designed inflatable tents, beautiful, wind-resistant, durable). Products with high stability, shear shunt wind strong, do not keep the characteristics of rainwater. And according to the specific requirements of customers, the establishment of fast filling exhaust valve, safety valve, instrument interface and so on.

Application: Field construction operations, camping training, temporary clubs, Sports entertainment and army command post, Field hospital, generally as the head of the army in charge of inflatable tents to use.

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