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Maintenance of the tent of bracket military tents
- Aug 16, 2017 -

The main use of the bill is to prop up the tent and wind the rain. So the rods require good toughness, high elasticity, and should not be broken. The distinction between good and bad is also mainly embodied in this.

In general, we all choose aluminum rods, many people choose aluminum rod is because the subjective thought aluminum rod will be lighter than the rod, the actual general aluminum rod and the weight of the glass rod is not much, some even heavier than the rod, and the actual support of the glass fiber bar is slightly higher than ordinary aluminum rod. But he has one of the most important weaknesses is the long-term use of repeated, and in the low-temperature state of the easy to crack, lose the original elasticity, and sometimes broken!

However, it should be noted that this low temperature to reach-20 before the appearance, so the glass rod military tents will generally distribute a section of aluminum tube in order to prevent standby! But the latest one by luxe recently introduced a "PE fiberglass cylinder Rod", changed this shortcoming, the use of PE materials wrapped carbon fiber rods, to prevent cracking, but also improve the carbon fiber rod 50/100 support, although the weight is also increased but cheap! Its supporting properties are 120 higher than that of the aluminum rod, while the general performance of the glass-brazed bar is only 40 higher than that of the aluminum rod.

The glass rod is divided into yellow rod and black pole, among which black pole is most common, but the quality of the yellow bar is better than the more expensive point, there are many Alpine account is the use of yellow pole.

Aluminum Rod Division is a wide variety, in addition to the brand, materials, origin and thickness of the different specifications, it is difficult to understand! But most of the common rods are used at the bottom cost of the Korean aviation aluminum rod, and this quality of the aluminum rod also has a fatal disadvantage, is easy to variant.

Aluminum rod quality is generally not good to distinguish, but really good aluminum rod, the general single section of aluminum two hands not easy to bend it, generally easy to bend, fine workmanship, smooth appearance, the interface is compact, the paint is not easy to fall off, there is texture, and in each section of the head will be engraved with brand words, light texture, high elasticity, the general 4 meters long 8MM aluminum rod can nest into a circle and constantly! And after a long period of several days after the opening can rebound to the straight bar! Only such aluminum rods can achieve the performance of the Glass brazing bar.

The number of other rods is also critical, in general, the more the more solid rods, wind resistance and snow-resistant collapse of the performance of the higher, so the general Alpine account will choose to use 5 rods or even more rods to support! While the average donkey friend chooses the tent, at the same price, will choose only two aluminum pole camping tent, and give up three carbon fiber pole of the plateau account, but do not know in the wind and brace characteristics of three carbon fiber pole on the plateau account than the former higher than 150, this is a serious misunderstanding.

Generally speaking, the aluminum rod is still relatively strong, as to why the collapse of the mouth, I estimate that the socket is not fully nested into the beginning of bending aluminum tube, resulting in bending direction of the local force too large.

Summarize the maintenance process of the aluminum rod as follows:

Sharpen the section sharp to avoid damage to the tent cloth and repair tape

Rotating aluminum rod, so that the damage and the account rod bending direction perpendicular, that is, the general ledger bar bending up and down, where the force is the largest, should be damaged disposed of around

Tightly wound the socket and breakage with the most sturdy tape.

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