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How to choose a different tent
- Aug 16, 2017 -

Summer Use

is a single layer, quite ventilated, is a kind of rain shed plus a layer of nylon bottom, quite ventilated, is a low altitude camping style, it can resist light rain, the design weighs heavily on ventilation. The next is resistance to the weather, usually the top cover for the ventilation screen screen, the bottom of the nylon, there are external accounts, color light will not let the inside of the sun can not tolerate the other people can not resist the strong wind, the external account can only withstand light rain. In fact, I know the consumer of our company knows that our summer inflatable tent, generally is a single layer, according to the different uses of customers, some of the internal accounts designed to Shu Mei Silk or gauze, the summer such design, but also from the perspective of consumers to consider and start.

Three seasons use

A tent used in the non-snow period, which is different from the camp pillar, which resists strong winds and a little snow, and most of the tents have a breathable nylon inner account with a waterproof good external account, the door is a double layer, a screen, the moisture inside the tent can be revealed, the door is larger, this kind of tent for three days to one weeks of activities, preferably forest or not excessive exposure of open camp terrain.

Four Seasons use

The tent material is hard, can support the snow and the strong wind, the double door type Easy access camp in the inclement weather, this kind of tent design considers the snow period equipment to take the question and the inside and outside account space is sufficient to cook the question, quite applies to the forest boundary snow time snowstorm. For the four seasons, according to our years of experience, no special classification, but the general winter use, you can use the thickened pearl cotton lining, winter use, relatively warm and many, this kind of situation, in the North military inflatable tents used most.

Alpine use

Most of the high mountain air currents are quite strong, tents must support and withstand the unexpected adverse weather conditions, outdoor tent design must be suitable for climbing or hiking needs, quality easy to carry the comfort.

Waterproof cloth

Waterproof cloth is a relatively lightweight, less expensive way of camping, it can be used in low altitude forest or subalpine forest environment, for the release of heat and wind or insect intrusion defensive ability, plastic waterproof cloth easy to build, the best Four corners to make the hole convenient girdle cover, otherwise use some small round stone to wrap the rope, to the camp nail can look for some small branches to serve as the camp nails, the best size is 9x12 ruler is two people, if three people or so 11x14 ruler.

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