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Common problems in inflatable tents
- Aug 16, 2017 -

Common trouble disposal of inflatable tent

1. Cut by Sharp objects: Inflatable tent If the stroke is longer than 5CM use sewing stitch, and then use cloth or cloth-like post. The stroke is shorter than the 5CM direct post can be posted at the post and the cloth is altered glue, and then airing to half a minute, the cloth affixed to the post, the pressure flat after the edge, post end.

2. Seam open: first with sewing the openings at the seams flat, and then with the method of posting to the opening of the disposal of strong, in order to beautiful, can be opened from the bottom of the air cushion into and sew, will not affect the appearance.

3. Degumming: Inflatable column Some easy to wear parts after long-term use, easy to degumming, can be used to cut into different types of cloth in the degumming place can be posted.

4. Air leakage is serious: inflatable tents after long-term use, because some parts of the pinhole suture, large increase in gas leakage, can be thought of using cloth posted at the seams, reduce the amount of leakage, such as column too banal, can think of void, to avoid what surprises.

5. Trimming edge: With a small brush at the edge of the warp to alter the appropriate glue, after a bit of pressure to press the press to post the firm can be.

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