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Characteristics of military Inflatable tents
- Aug 16, 2017 -

The column adopts two-sided coated PVC, high strength, rain prevention, fire prevention, wind resistance and long life. The tent frame is gas column structure, compared with the general metal bracket tent, has the light weight, the folding volume is small, easy to carry and so on characteristics, but also has the strength, the stability is good, the transportation is convenient and so on the characteristic; there are a variety of models to choose from, suitable for a variety.

Its small size is easy to carry, do not need to build inflatable 3~5min can be formed, and the external resistance surface small, wind-resistant better than steel pipe structure tent, tents also have automatic compensation inflatable system, can be long to achieve gas constant pressure. All the tent joints are made of high-frequency heat heat, rain-proof effect, in the bad weather indoors in the tent group to complete all the work. Mainly used in outdoor camping, head of the command inflatable tent, Army camping accommodation and so on.

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