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Advantages of inflatable Models
- Aug 16, 2017 -

Inflatable model was introduced from abroad in the 80 's a kind of propaganda media, its predecessor from the United States to create a lot of cartoons, cartoons, because the film animation, cartoon image vividly beloved, as a teenager children learn to imitate the goal, this point by some astute advertisers fancy. Advertiser Tomsen is the first in the United States engaged in inflatable cartoon manufacturing "pedigree."

Advantages of inflatable models:

Inflatable model to the new encryption of Oxford data, and then the use of wind turbines, such as inflatable molding products, this PE fabric and traditional PVC coated fabric is not easy to tear, not degumming layer, good sealing advantages. The goods are light in weight, easy to carry and easy to cast. In the market, the variety of inflatable products, including arches, pillars, wedding gas model, cartoon models, amusement equipment, water children's paradise and so on.

Application scope of Inflatable model:

Inflatable model is widely used, in addition to the common advertising industry, entertainment, sports, television entertainment, wedding, exhibition promotions and other areas have touched.

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